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Great things never came from comfort zones.

Under the Coronavirus outbreak, Hong Kong SAR Government recent measures to control the spread of the Virus by limiting in person gathering and wearing mask in all outdoor and indoor public areas.

We 2050’S, found that most of the people are suffering from skin sensitive problem related to the side-effect of wearing mask at longer time.

In response to some of the people’s expectations and aims to protect skin away from this kind of skin problem.  2050’S are introducing XO Whitening Mask (Special Edition). This XO Whitening Mask treatment contains activeprinciple and regenerative properties.  It can give a youth to the tissue vitality, make the skin tissue present very good protective, anti-age effect and absorption of water. It also can enhance skin elasticity, improve aged skin to youth, minimize the wrinkles. It helps the skin to recover firmness and delicate outward appearance.  

The New Star-Sea Anemone Serum

Heteractis Crispa, the leathery sea anemone, inhabits tropical and subtropical waters. It is home to many anemonefish species that use the anemone for shelter. The tentacles of the anemone are armed with cells that contain venom which serves as both a defense mechanism and to capture prey.

Scientists have recently discovered a unique protein in the venom of the leathery sea anemone that acts as an inhibitor of the TRPV1 (Transient Receptor Potential) receptor because a sensitive skin is often distinguished by an overactivity of this receptor.

Sensitive skin is characterized by an enhanced reactivity to common stimuli. For example, wind, heat, clothes, sunlight and pollution. The result is skin that feels tight, itchy or even has a burning sensation. The main reason for this reaction is a sensory response that is too strong.
There are many different types of sensitive skin but the most common type in otherwise healthy individual is skin that overreacts to environmental factors with irritation. This reaction can range from a feeling of slight discomfort to frequent visible signs of skin irritation, such as redness.

Benefits of Sea Anemone Serum :

● Calm overactive skin

● Minimizes skin’s response to stress         

● Reduces the itching sensation of sensitive skin