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Traditionally,  facial masks treatments have been archaic in the way they have been used, during which the facial skin is analyzed and addressed in general by using a mask that treats the facial skin in broad terms historically, disregarding specific conditions or problems that requires specific treatment as well.

Thanks to the availability of active skin care ingredients and  the advancement of Bio and phyto-technology to back up modern skincare effectiveness. Now 2050’S offers you the opportunity to approach skin care scientifically and  the time for mask new generation  has  come. The innovative 2050’S masks series  is far superior from the traditional facial mask procedure that  when using the 2050’S  during a facial treatment, prior to the procedural step of mask application, the professionals use 2050’S to assess and identify the facial skin’s differing conditions and / or problems.  Once the assessment is complete, the professionals choose and apply the appropriate 2050’S Masks directly on the  areas to be treated , yielding a consistent inclusive effective result.  The face or body can be  treated as a whole with its specific differing conditions treated individually.

2050’S  contains active but safe ingredients to affect a visible result during the short period allotted in a facial or body procedure. 2050’S is formulated to work synergistically with each other.  They can also be used independently of each other. With the 2050’S , we are now able to achieve the higher standard of today customers expectations on facial and body treatments.

This is philosophy, ideological, see beauty as a path which we are well defined and " a women dream about perfect skin will made it come true"

2050'S    -    To meet the specific requirements of our clients, 2050's will customize its masks to response to the latest demand in cosmetics.

2050'S    -    2050'S masks for the face and body are used for original and perfect natural beauty treatments.

2050'S    -    2050'S masks consist of ultra-fine powder which forms a gel when mixed with water. When applied to the face or the body this gel forms
a second skin, enabling the active ingredients in the mask to be distributed easily.

2050'S    -    The active mechanism in the 2050'S masks originate in the high gelling power of alginates, which are molecules extracted from laminaria

2050'S-The Difference is in the number of Age